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Philosophy: Catalog #s & Library of Congress Subjects

This guide is designed to help you find print, electronic, and online Philosophy resources at the Robert W. Woodruff Library, AUC.
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These classifications are available so you can navigate more quickly through Woodruff's Reference and Main stacks.

Philosophy Section Catalog Numbers

The following LC classification schedule B1-B5802 provides an organizational scheme for material relating to philosophy.



Subclass B


B1-5802                                 Philosophy (General)

B69-99                                         General works

B108-5802                                    By period

Including individual philosophers and schools of philosophy

B108-708                                            Ancient

B720-765                                            Medieval

B770-785                                            Renaissance

B790-5802                                          Modern

B808-849                                                  Special topics and schools of philosophy

B850-5739                                                By region or country

B5800-5802                                              By religion


Subclass BC


BC1-199                                 Logic

BC11-39                                       History

BC25-39                                             By period

BC60-99                                       General works

BC171-199                                    Special topics


Subclass BD


BD10-701                               Speculative philosophy

BD10-41                                       General philosophical works

BD95-131                                     Metaphysics

BD143-237                                    Epistemology.  Theory of knowledge

BD240-260                                    Methodology

BD300-450                                    Ontology

Including being, the soul, life, death

BD493-701                                    Cosmology

Including teleology, space and time, structure of matter,

plurality of worlds

Native American Philosophy, Spirituality and Religion Catalog #s

E31-49.2                                      North America

E51-73                                         Pre-Columbian America.  The Indians

E75-99                                         Indians of North America

E81-83                                               Indian wars

E99                                                    Indian tribes and cultures

E101-135                                      Discovery of America and early explorations





BL2500-2592                                      American

For American Indians, see classes E-F

Searching the Library Catalog by Catalog Number

You may search through the library resources by going to the catalog and searching by Call Number