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Scholarly Communication, Open Access, and Publishing: Scholarly Communication & Open Access Resources

This guide provides faculty, staff, and students information about the transformation in creating, distributing, providing access to, and preserving scholarly output within the academic community.
  • Last Updated: Jan 28, 2020 4:48 PM
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Why is Scholarly Communication Important?

· The ability to produce, distribute, provide access and preserve scholarly output within the academic community is changing.

· Costs are rising to acquire scholarly research produced by our faculties.

· Declining budgets and increased journal costs hamper the ability to acquire research created by faculty.

· Improved technologies exist to produce, distribute, access and preserve scholarly research at a sustainable level.

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Author's Rights

Open Access Explained

Why is Open Access Important?

·  Publishing in an open access journal or repository increases exposure to an institutions research activities.

·  Researchers are provided free and unrestricted full text access to a variety of scholarly materials.

·  Open access initiatives address funding mandates which require research to be publically available.