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Atlanta Student Movement: Library Resources

In the 1960s, students from Atlanta University, Clark College, The Interdenominational Theological Center, Morehouse College, Morris Brown College, and Spelman College, mobilized protests to end segregation and racial discrimination in Atlanta.


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1. Atlanta Protests 1960.

2. Atlanta Sit ins 1960.

3. Atlanta Student Movement.

4. College Students Human Rights.



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Other Resources


The following manuscript collections are available at Archives Research Center, Atlanta University Center Robert W. Woodruff Library

Atlanta Student Movement Collection.

John H. Calhoun Jr. Papers   (see Student Adult Liaison Committee)

Mary Ann Smith Wilson-Ruby Doris Smith Robinson Collection on Student Activism

Maurice Pennington Political Cartoon Collection

Seeking to Tell a Story:  Political Action from Slavery to Civil Rights exhibit

SNCC Vertical File

Trezzvant Anderson Collection   (see Atlanta Sit-ins, Atlanta Story,  Appeal for Human Rights)



Across the Color Line Oral History Collection, Atlanta History Center, Kenan Research Center.

Interviews include Charles Black, Constance Curry, Morris Dillard, Lydia Tucker Brown Douglas, Jesse Hill, Alton Hornsby, Lonnie King, and Johnny Parham

Anne Borders-Patterson:

Atlanta’s Black Community and Education Oral History Collection, Georgia State University Special Collections.

Interviews conducted in 1978-1979 by Vincent Fort for his master’s thesis.  Includes interviews of Clarence Bacote, Julian Bond, James Brawley, Donald Hollowell, Alton Hornsby Lonnie King, Carolyn Long, Ralph Long, Benjamin Mays, Lois Moreland, Harry V. Richardson, Margaret Rowley, Wendell Whalum, and Mary Ann Smith Wilson. 

Brenda Hill Cole  Interview:

Commission to honor An Appeal for Human Rights and the Atlanta Student Movement. City of Atlanta  

Interviews include  Charles Black, Wylma Long Blanding, Julian Bond, Carolyn Long Banks, Herschelle Challenor, Brenda Hill Cole, Constance Curry, Morris Dilliard, James Felder, Lonnie King, Otis Moss Jr. Roslyn Pope, Lydia Tucker Arnold.

Gwendolyn Middlebrooks Interview:

John B. Smith Sr., Publisher and CEO of the Atlanta Inquire, interview:

Library of Congress Civil Rights Project: Lonnie C. King oral history interview conducted by Emilye Crosby in Atlanta,       Georgia, 2013-05-29.

Mary Ann Smith Interview:

Ralph J. Bunche Oral History Collection, Moorland-Spingarn Research Center, Howard University Interview of Lonnie     King (RJC31).

Reflections on Georgia Politics Oral History Collection, Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies   University of Georgia, Athens. Lonnie King interview:




Brown, Althea. A Trek to the River's Edge: A Documentary on the Atlanta Student Movement. 2014.

     Call Number: E 185.61 .B76 2014 (DVD). Note: Archives Use Only.

Sanders, Alvelyn, and Georgianne Thomas.  Foot Soldiers, Class of 1964,  An Atlanta Story That Changed the World. Atlanta, GA.: Alvelyn Sanders, 2012.

     Call Number: E 185.61 .A89 N437 2012 (DVD). Note: Archives Use Only.

Smart-Grosvenor, Vertamae, and Julian Bond. Will the Circle Be Unbroken? An Audio History of the Civil Rights Movement in Five Southern Communities and the Music of Those Times. Atlanta: Southern Regional Council, 1998.  (CD- Disc 12)

     Call Number: E 185.61 .W72 1998 (CD).



Anderson, Felicia Bowens. A Comparison of the Treatment of the Atlanta Sit-Ins (1960-1961) on the Editorial Pages of Two Atlanta Newspapers. Atlanta University, 1984.

Fort, Vincent.  The Atlanta Sit-in Movement 1960-1961:  An Oral Study,  Atlanta University, 1980.

Grady-Willis, Winston.  A Changing Tide:  Politics and Activism in Atlanta, Georgia, 1960-1977. Thesis, (Ph.D.) – Emory University,1998. 

      Call Number: F294.A89G73 1998a.



Atlanta Student Movement Blvd and SNCC Way S.W. Atlanta, GA 30314 (formerly Fair Street and Raymond Streets, located at corner of CAU Alumni House)  Dedicated  November 1, 2014

Atlanta Student Movement, Georgia Civil Rights Trail Marker (at corner of James P. Brawley Drive and Atlanta Student Movement Blvd S.W. Atlanta, GA 30314) Dedicated  October 16, 2014.

Atlanta Student Movement Historical Trail: Includes video interviews of Atlanta student civil rights activists, and archival film footage and audio recordings from 1960 protests.

Rush Memorial Congregational Church, Georgia Civil Rights Trail Marker (at corner of James P. Brawley Drive S.W. Atlanta, GA 30314)   Dedicated  October 16, 2014

Atlanta Student Movement historical marker, Clark Atlanta University, (near Trevor Arnett Hall) Dedicated March 31, 2000

“Historic Marker Honoring Atlanta University Center Student Movement for Civil Rights 1960”

Morehouse College, Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel (on outside wall beneath M. L. King Jr. “I have a Dream” speech) Dedicated April 2, 2000

“Millennium Sunday, The 40th Anniversary of the Atlanta Civil Rights Movement Inaugural Celebration of a Season of Nonviolence”