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Black Popular Culture Index: Home

This resource was partially funded by the American Library Association Carnegie-Whitney Grant and serves as a way to connect students with black popular culture resources.

It's Bigger Than Hip Hop

It’s Bigger Than Hip-Hop: The Rise of the Post Hip-Hop Generation is an excellent anthology.  If you only had time to read one book related to hip-hop and/or black popular culture this would be the one to read. Asante moves “hip-hop” from slavery to immigration, to prison, to corporate American, to the classroom, and almost everywhere in between.  Several times in the book he approaches hip hop for an interview about who she is and what they mean to the people she represents. Not only does it provide an accurate depiction of the current life of hip hop, it also provides historical analysis and debates as well as global implications in an easy to read and understandable format.  He links the evolution of hip-hop to social movements (e.g. Civil Rights, the war on drugs) in a direct and logical form.


Welcome to the Fade 2 Black Popular Culture Index. This resource was partially funded by the American Library Association Carnegie Whitney Grant and serves to offer a way to connect students with black popular culture resources. 

This project grew out of the continuous desire of Atlanta University Center students to conduct exhaustive research on topics related to black popular culture. The challenge is that black popular culture studies is not narrowly defined such as African American History; it is an interdisciplinary topic and requires searching for information across disciplines and in non-traditional places.

Black popular culture studies is Bigger than Hip Hop studies but does include hip hop studies as well as women studies, history, etc. However, hip hop studies provided a springboard for black popular culture studies and as a result has an heavy influence in the titles selected.

It is the intent of this guide to provide enough information to get you started in your research!


The guide is broken down by topics:

  • Reference & Readers
  • Core Titles
  • Culture & Politics
  • History & Globalization
  • Language
  • Race
  • Women
  • Memoirs
  • Sports
  • Media & Music
  • Art & Expression
  • Religion

The tabs above will take you a page devoted specifically to that topic and feature a range of resources including book titles, book annotations, video clips, author readings, blogs, websites, CDs, DVDS, and author commentary from some of the authors whose books are contained within this resource.

The list is limited to 100 resources but we hope that it will continue to grow.