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Scholarly Communication, Open Access, and Publishing: AUC, Scholarly Communication & Open Access

This guide provides faculty, staff, and students information about the transformation in creating, distributing, providing access to, and preserving scholarly output within the academic community.
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The AUC, Open Access & Scholarly Communication

The Atlanta University Center (AUC) Woodruff Library is committed to providing our faculty, staff and students the access to the "highest level of information resources" required to support their teaching, learning, and research needs.  In order to meet the needs of our AUC community, the library must balance ownership and access. Both strategies are affected by the changing landscape of scholarly communication. 


Open access is the ability to distribute and access scholarly research without restriction.  Scholarly communication or, the ability to produce, distribute, provide access and preserve scholarly output within the academic community has been impacted by factors which include:


  1. Rising costs associated with the acquisition of scholarly research
  2. Declining budgets and increased journal costs which hamper the ability to acquire research created by faculty
  3. Improved technologies to produce, distribute, access and preserve scholarly research at a sustainable level

For the Atlanta University Center community the library must assist in fostering an environment in which its primary users are familiar, engaged and enjoined in efforts to create a sustainable research marketplace.  A sustainable research marketplace ensures that the scholarly output of Atlanta University Center faculty and researchers remains accessible without limitation of cost to create, disseminate and/or access.

AUC Open Access Scholar

The AUC Wooruff Library would like to recognize our AUC faculty who have published open access journal articles and/or developed open access resources.  During the academic year, the Library's  Academic Alert will often feature a profile of each open access scholar.  Below are the open access scholars and links to the Academic Alert in which the faculty member's profile appears.

 September 2014 -- Dr. Valerie Odero-Marah, Clark Atlanta University

October 2014 -- Dr. Nathan Nobis,  Morehouse College



AUC DigitalCommons E-Scholarship Activity

Items which have been archived in institutional repositories such as the AUC DigitalCommons e-scholarship repository enhance exposure to the research efforts of AUC faculty and students. For example the full-text download statistics for open access journals currently on the repository are as follows:

1. Communication & Social Change

a. Full text downloads since posting in 2007:  16,971
b. Full text downloads in 2013-2014:  4,672


2. Communications Arts Forum

a. Full text downloads since posting in 2007:  4,221
b. Full text downloads in 2013-2014:  400


3. Endarch

a. Full text downloads since posting in 2009:  3,314
b. Full text downloads in 2013-2014:  409

AUC Woodruff Library Scholarly Communication / Open Access Working Group

To support and promote the Scholarly Communications/Open Access agenda as facilitated by the library on behalf of the Library Advisory Council (LAC).   The task force will develop an agenda for action, evaluate such action and serve as a liaison to the LAC and other groups that may be identified within the Atlanta University Center.   The members of the taskforce are:

Brad Ost

Rosaline Odom

Michael Chromey

Joshua Hogan

Teva Sweet

Bryan Briones


Members of the taskforce can respond to your questions regarding scholarly communication, open access, and copyright.  You may email a member directly or send your question to .