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Islamic Studies: Special Topics

Selected resources for studying Islam and the diverse perspectives of Muslims.

Nation of Islam



Keyword Suggestions

  • Nation of Islam:  Nation of Islam or black muslims or Malcolm X or Farrakhan or african american

Online Fatwa Sites

Image: Irfan Husain Salman Rushdie Affair by openDemocracy is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Law (Shar'iah):


Women and Islam

Image: Colorful Islamic Malay Women by Vin Crosbie is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Keyword Suggestions

  • Islam:  Islam or Islamic or Muslim
    • Additional terms could include specific regions or countries or ethnicities: Arab or middle eastern or middle east or Turkey or Pakistan
  • Women: woman or female or wife of wives or mother or sister or daughter
  • Social Conditions:  social conditions or sex role or social aspects or veil or veils or dress or legal status or rights social life or religious aspects or fundamentalism or gender studies