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Environmental Science & Studies: Internet Resources

A guide to Environmental Science resources at the Woodruff Library.

More Helpful Web Sites

Go Green!

The following resources for green living were provided courtesy of Teams Captain Planet and Nemo, a group of high school students who are committed to protecting our environment by providing options for eco-friendly living.

Air Pollution and Children - this article focuses on health effects that ambient and traffic related air pollution has on pregnant women, their infants, and young children.

Air Pollution and Emissions Control - air pollution and air pollution solutions have become important rallying points for environmental groups. Car manufacturers have been working to provide autos that have lower emissions. Here are some valuable resources to help you learn more about air pollution, its health effects and solutions.

Built Green - introduced in 1195, Built Green Colorado is one of the oldest and largests green home building programs in the nation. The purpose of Built Green Colorado is to encourage home builders to use technologies, products and practices that result in homes that are better built and better for the environment.

Clean Air For Kids - click here to access information sheets for ages 5 to 11, to help children learn about our planet's air and mankind's impact upon it. There are also a series of games and puzzles to help them learn and have fun.

Money-Saving Guide for Going Green at Home - click here to see a collection of excellent resources on the frugal basics of going green and the reduce, reuse, recycle lifestyle.

Appliances and Electronics - saving energy can help cut your household costs and benefit the environment. Making sure appliances run efficiently can reduce waste and make for a more environmentally friendly home. (By

Wood Furniture and Crafts for Children - follow this link to locate great resources to help kids get interested in carpentry and wood working.

What is Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia which can be edited by anyone. It is not a bad place to start your research but do not stop there! Keep in mind that anyone can contribute to articles in Wikipedia and be mindful of the accuracy of the information posted.

Here is a short article about Wikipedia

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Internet Resources for Environmental Sciences & Studies