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BA 350, Management Principles and Organizational Behavior: ▸ Find Books

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You will find that some books are in the shelves or behind the information desk, while others are available ONLINE. To access the online items while using a Library or campus PC, just click on the titles. Note: To access online items from off-campus or on your personal device you must log in with your school username and password. If you have questions about how to set this up, please .

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Management and Organizational Behavior books in print can be found on the third floor of the Library. Just navigate the HD section.

Call NumberSubject Area / Sub-topic
HD 28 - 70Management
HD 39 - 40.7Capital. Capital Investments
HD 41Competition
HD 45 - 45.2Technological Innovations
HD 47 - 47.4Costs
HD 49 - 49.5Crisis Management
HD 50 - 50.5Delegation of Authority. Decentralization. Span of Control
HD 56 - 57.5Industrial Productivity
HD 58Location of Industry
HD 58.7 - 58.95Organizational Behavior. Corporate Culture
HD 59 - 59.6Public Relations
HD 60 -60.5Social Responsibility of Business
HD 61Risk in Industry
HD 62Standardization
HD 62.2 - 62.8Management of Special Enterprises
HD 66 - 66.2Work Groups
HD 69Other (Business Consultants, Capacity, Size of Industry, etc.)


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Management and Organization Books

Here are some book ideas to help you get started. If you would like to find more, use the Library and EBSCO search boxes or ProQuest Ebook Central button above.