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Psychology: Find Articles

AUC Woodruff Library's guide to research in psychology studies.

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Finding Articles Using Online Databases

One of the most efficient ways to locate articles on topics related to Psychology is to use the library's research databases.   These databases are selected and purchased by the Library to provide access to research and information from  journals in every discipline.   When connecting to these resources from off-campus, users will need to log in using your  campus-issued username and password.

Major Psychology Databases

Search Tips!

  • To narrow search results to a particular phrase, put quote marks around that phrase. For example: "treatment effectiveness evaluation" will search for that entire phrase all together (as opposed to the words "treatment" + "effectiveness" + "evaluation" somewhere in the text).
  • To expand search results, try using an asterisk to cut off an important search word. For example, searching alco* will give you results for the words "alcohol," "alcoholism," "alcoholic," and "alcoholics." (This is called a "wildcard search.")
  • Don't forget the AND, OR, & NOT operatives.
    • Use AND to combine dissimilar search terms, like "academic performance" AND "life satisfaction."
    • Use OR to combine two similar terms, like "life satisfaction" OR "happiness."
    • Use NOT to exclude terms from your search. If "spinach" keeps popping up in your results, put "NOT spinach" to filter spinach out.

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Locating Journals

To see if a journal is available in print in the Library's collection, please use the Library Catalog and select "Journal, magazine" from the left sidebar filters to focus your search results. The results should display the journals we have online, in print, and via microfilm.

To determine if a particular journal issue is available online, search by the journal's name on the E-Journals page.

Finally, use this link to see all of the library's journals, and what databases they are in: Journals A-Z

Search Google Scholar

Google Scholar will conduct a wide search of journals, books, and other publications based on the keywords you enter into the search box.

You may not be able to fully access the articles and books that Google Scholar finds, but you can take those titles and search through the library's resources to gain access to them. If we don't own them, we can try to request them for you.

Google Scholar Search

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