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Biblical Studies: Web Resources

This guide will mainly focus on resources concerning Christianity, though there are a few references to world religions as well.


Always examine material on web sites with a critical eye. Back it up with peer reviewed, scholarly material.

Keyword Search

Using-the-Web-For-Research Tutorial!

Bible and Ancient World Geography

African Traditional Religion

Greek, Hebrew, Latin & Egyptian Resources

Statistics and Research Orgs.

Biblical Translations & Resources

Religious Images : Free for Church Use

Primary Sources

Patrologia Graeca & Latina

Denominational and Archival Sites and Resources

Qumran and Dead Sea Scroll Sites

Religion Gateways

Psychology of Religion

Medicine and Health

Peer-Reviewed Free Online Journals

Other Free Online Journals

Free Academic Sources Online

African American Religious Resources

Religion in America





Dissertation and Theses Search

Deuteronomistc History

Documentary Hypothesis

Pentecostal and Charismatic Research Archive