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Archives Research Center General Research Guide: Browsing

Identifying and locating primary sources at the Archives Research Center and Beyond

Browsing Bar

Browsing Bar

Search Results

When browsing and searching, researchers have the ability to sort and filter results.

Sorting Results:

Results can be sorted by relevance, title, and year.

Sort  options appear as a drop drown menu to the top right of your search results

Filtering Results: 

Researchers can search within results by keyword and add a year range.

Additional filters can be added, such as Repository, Type, Subject, and Names. 


Researchers can use the Collections tab to see all archival collections available for research at the Archives Research Center.

Digital Materials

Researchers can use the Digital Materials tab to view all digital materials currently associated with our archival collections. Digital materials include photographs, documents, audio recordings, and video recordings.

Unprocessed Material

Researchers can use the Unprocessed Material tab to see a list of collections that are housed in the Archives Research Center that are not fully organized. These materials are only available for research on a very limited basis. If you are interested in one of these collections, please contact the Head of the Archives Research Center at with the name of the unprocessed material you would like to view.


Researchers can use the Subjects tab to browse through all subjects linked to our collections. By clicking on a subject in the list, researchers are shown all records associated with that subject.


Researchers can use the Names tab to see a list of people and organizations linked to our collections. Names can be creators, source, and/or subject of a collection. By clicking on a name, researchers are given a list of all records associated with that name.