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Archives Research Center General Research Guide: Requesting Materials

Identifying and locating primary sources at the Archives Research Center and Beyond

How to Request Materials

Request Button

When in a series or file record, researchers will see several buttons in the top right-hand corner. One of those buttons is called Request. This button allows researchers to request to see an item during their appointment in the archives.

Researchers can use this request button to request up to 10 items to view from the archives, if you would like to request more than 10, we ask that you email or call us with the collection names and box numbers,  and the time and date you want to make your appointment for rather than filling out a request form for all items.

Before requesting materials, researchers need to be sure of what they are requesting. The items' box and folder information can be found underneath the title of the item or in physical storage information in the Expand All section. Feel free to contact us, if you have any questions. Contact information can be found under the Home tab of this research guide. 


After clicking on the Request button, a request form will appear. Researchers will see instructions on how to fill out the form, as well as information on the hours of the Archives Research Center. For requesting materials, we ask that researchers fill out the name, email address, anticipated arrival date, and anticipated arrival time fields. The note to staff is optional, but researchers should feel free to add any information that is necessary for their appointment.

  • For the Name field: include first and last names
  • For the Email Address field: can be either school, work, or personal
  • For the Anticipated Arrival Date field: Include Month and Day (Example: May 8)
  • For the Anticipated Arrival Time field: Include time of appointment (Example: 2pm)

After filling out the form, click request and the following message will appear: “Thank you, your request has been submitted. You will soon receive an email with a copy of your request.” A copy of the request will be sent to the email address provided. 

In the Archives Research Center, we will receive a copy of the request and will respond using the email provided. We will either confirm the appointment or ask for additional information.

Processing Archivist

Archives Research Center Hours

 Semester Research Hours 


Mon. – Thurs. 1pm-7pm
Fri. 1pm-5pm
Sat. Closed
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*Contact us at about appointments .