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Archives Research Center General Research Guide: Other Archival Resources

Identifying and locating primary sources at the Archives Research Center and Beyond

Atlanta Black Archives Alliance


The Atlanta Black Archives Alliance exists to enhance the visibility of Atlanta's African American archival collections in order to educate and empower diverse communities. 

African American Bibliographical Database

African American Biographical Database is a resource of first resort when you are looking for biographical information, including photographs and illustrations, for African Americans. From the famous to the everyday person, AABD includes profiles and full-text sketches providing both biographical detail and illuminating narratives chronicling the lives of Black Americans.

Voyages: The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database

This digital memorial raises questions about the largest slave trades in history and offers access to the documentation available to answer them. European colonizers turned to Africa for enslaved laborers to build the cities and extract the resources of the Americas. They forced millions of mostly unnamed Africans across the Atlantic to the Americas, and from one part of the Americas to another. Analyze these slave trades and view interactive maps, timelines, and animations to see the dispersal in action.

Selected Atlanta and Georgia Archival Repositories