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Traditional African Religions: Ifa


Agere Ifa

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Ifa: A Brief Introduction

Ifa divination may not be common in other African philosophies, but it is for the Yoruba people an oasis of wisdom, love, and morality. It is a fulcrum that is independent of Western or Asian philosophy. Complex and indispensable, Ifa divination is an integral component of Yoruba culture. Ifa divination is made explicit through its babaláwo, he who is versed in the knowledge and wisdom of the unknown—a philosopher steeped in his love for nature, in the use of herbs, and in the ways of the countryside. For Yoruba culture to be analytically meaningful, there must be Ifa divination, just as there must be the ori.


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Ifa Divination System

History of Ifa (oracle) Tradition